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Place where it was bred: Poland  
Origin: Red mutant of the cultivar Szampion 
Height: semi-vigorous; crown cone-shaped, dense, with rigid limbs and numerous spurs
Pollinators: Elstar, Alwa, Idared, Najdared, Ligol, Lobo, Evereste, Golden Hornet 
Pollinated cultivars: Alwa, Elise, Elstar, Gala, Idared, Najdared, Jonagold, Red Jonaprince, Mutsu, Lobo 
Fruit: the fruit are from medium to large sizes, have a globular shape with a light roughness. The skin is less dry than one of a basic variety and has a light wax bloom. Before the harvest maturity almost the whole surface of the fruit is covered with a marmoreal erubescence. The pap is juicy and very tasty 
Harvest maturity: 10-20 or 20-30 September 
Storage: cold store: 4 months; CA storage: 5 - 7 months 
Resistance to frost: low 
Susceptibility to diseases: scab - low; powdery mildew - low; fire blight - not known; other: rubbery wood and canker - high; bitter pit - high

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Legal protection:

Apple varieties Reno 2 are legal protected on the territory of Poland under decisions of the Director of Research Centre for Cultivar Testing (COBORU) in Słupia Wielka granting Plant Breeder’s Rights under legal act on legal protection of plant varieties of 26 th June 2003 (Journal of Laws from 2016, item 843) more >>>


Availability of the variety

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INSAD - Prusy Sp. z o.o.50005000
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