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Place of breeding: Poland
Origin: seedling of the Breaburn variety from free pollination
Growth: medium, after entering the fruiting period – weak; the crown is loose with hanging branches, medium thickened
Pollinators: Evereste, Prof. Sprenger, Golden Hornet
Pollinated cultivars: not studied
Fruit: medium-sized, spherical; smooth skin covered with a slightly waxy coating. Intensive red, uniform blush. The flesh is sweet and sour, firm and tasty
Harvest maturity: second half of October
Storage: cold store: 4 - 5 months; CA cold store: 6 - 9 months
Resistance to frost: medium
Susceptibility to disease: scab - low / medium; powdery mildew - low / medium;

Legal protection:

Apple varieties REDROK are legal protected on the territory of Poland under decisions of the Director of Research Centre for Cultivar Testing (COBORU) in Słupia Wielka granting Plant Breeder’s Rights under legal act on legal protection of plant varieties of 26 th June 2003 (Journal of Laws from 2016, item 843) more >>>