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Pomological orchards

In order to precisely determine the suitability and characteristics of apple varieties for horticulture and fruit growers, the AJAPPLE breeding group has pomological orchards in several locations in the country.

Sad Pomologiczny - AJAPPLE.

All registered apple varieties grown in AJAPPLE were planted in pomological orchards. New, future AJAPPLE varieties are also tested and thoroughly checked for morphological and qualitative characteristics before registration.

Taking into account the different growing conditions in Poland, the diversified location of pomological orchards allows to determine not only the yield, but also the flowering and harvesting dates, as well as the influence of weather conditions on the characteristics of individual varieties in the orchard regions.

Every year, the following features are thoroughly analyzed:

  • vegetative growth of trees on different rootstocks
  • flowering date
  • resistance of buds / flowers to spring frosts
  • regularity of fruiting and requirements for thinning of fruitlets
  • susceptibility to disease
  • fruit morphology
  • harvest date
  • frost resistance

All observations are conducted by qualified persons, and the information collected in this way allows practically and accurately determine the suitability of individual apple varieties for fruit growers!