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Place of breeding: Poland (AJAPPLE breeding group).
Origin: seedling of the Mutsu x Najdared 
Growth: moderately dynamic, after the entry in the fruiting period is average. The crown is cone-shaped with loose density 
Pollinators: Evereste, Prof. Sprenger, Golden Hornet 
Pollinated cultivars: triploid
Fruiting: Muna comes early into fruiting. It yields annually and abundantly. An important advantage of the variety is the possibility of one-stage fruit harvest, due to the equalization of the harvest maturity parameters of apples in the entire crown of the tree.
Fruit: Large, cylindrical. Smooth peel, covered with a slightly waxy coating. The blush purple-red covers 90-100% of the surface of the fruit and appears very early (already at the beginning of September). Cream flesh with greenish tint, juicy, sweet and sour, tasty. In consumer tests it is described as very tasty.
Harvest maturity: end of September / beginning of October. Firmness 7-8 kG, extract 12-13 brix.
Storage: In a cold store until February, and in CA cold store until May. Transports very well.
Resistance to frost: medium 
Susceptibility to diseases: Low susceptible to bark and wood diseases. Scab - medium; powdery mildew - medium; fire blight - average.

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Legal protection:

Apple varieties Muna are legal protected on the territory of Poland under decisions of the Director of Research Centre for Cultivar Testing (COBORU) in Słupia Wielka granting Plant Breeder’s Rights under legal act on legal protection of plant varieties of 26 th June 2003 (Journal of Laws from 2016, item 843)  more >>>

In addition, the apple variety‘MUNA’ is protected by an exclusive Community plant variety right under the decision of the Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) in Angers, France (EU Decision No. 47068 of June 6, 2017) pursuant to the provisions of Council Regulation (EC) No 2100 / 94 of 27 July 1994 on the Community plant variety right (Official Journal L 227, 01/09/1994 P. 0001 - 0030) hereinafter also referred to as Regulation (EC) No 2100/94.



Availability of the variety

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