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Golden Italia



Place of breeding: Poland, Żdżary
Origin: mutant of Golden Dream
Growth: medium; the crown is large, spreading, medium thickened, with slightly hanging shoots
Pollinators: partially self-pollinating, Gala, Idared, Najdared®, Reno2®, Evereste, Prof. Sprenger, Golden Hornet
Pollinated varieties: most cultivated varieties
Fruit: medium-sized, elongated or round-conical. The skin is smooth, green, with a frequently appearing carmon red blush. Th skin without russeting.
Harvest maturity: 1st decade of October
Storage: cold store: 3 - 6 months; CA cold store: 6 - 9 months
Resistance to frost: low
Susceptibility to diseases: scab - medium; powdery mildew - low; fire blight - medium